Particle FORD Multi-Platinum Electronic Music Producer

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One of the hottest Multi-Platinum Electronic Music Producers in the world, FORD is hitting strides as the Multi-Platinum production & EDM remixing maestro for major labels and stars.

With credits on over 375 commercial releases (including 56 Billboard Hits), FORD has been producing music with the biggest stars on the planuet for more than 25 years. FORD is recognized as one of the world’s most talented music producers, earning production credits on records selling over 30 million copies worldwide.

Since 2003, FORD has earned Multi-platinum, Platinum and Gold RIAA sales awards for producing, mixing and remixing many of the worlds biggest artists including Michael Jackson (for which FORD also earned a RIAA Diamond Award with 13.4 million copies sold), Ludacris, Rob Thomas, and countless other reputable artists.

Ford is also the Producer of Velvet Code’s new Halloween inspired version of “Break The Silence”, the original which has garnered over 2 million plays worldwide.

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